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Our New Home!!!

(we are very excited...)
The furniture in the pictures does not belong to us
No, dummy... it's the pool
Does this need a description?
Or, where to find me at 3am :-)
Zo's home away from home... aka Office above garage
Big screen not included :-(
Half of the living room/billiards hall/conference table room
Actual wall color subject to temper tantrums while coloring
Technically... dinining room - actually... play room for Nattie & Alex (Neicy has claimed chandelier)
But really... pool entrance
Technically... breakfast nook - actually... dining room
No fashion statements in this photo!!!
Wait Jen I am moving out of the way... never mind!!! (Other strrange man is the inspector)
If you really want to ask just come over when we have the birds-and-the-bees talk with Nattie... yikes!!!
The lovers' lair... aka master bedroom... don't ask
The king's throne room
Half of the master bathroom... yes we DID purchase the entire house
How do you fit two kids in half a nursery? I will take [I haven't a clue] for $400, Alex
Half of the nursery... We only paid half price for the camera...
All areas of residence available for rental... See official rules for details
Guest bedroom... errr... Dog's room... sorry there is no more room in the inn
Smile is Nattie's codeword for N....r O..
Half of the guest bathroom... err... kid's bathroom... Nattie is potty trained... Smiles need homes too
The pool was digitally added, do not visit us if the pool is the reason
Decompression chamber... With observation tower in the back yard
The mutant killer goldfish staging area...
Front yard at some other house that we liked... just kidding... it's ours... it is half of it isn't it?
Karpa Incorporated does in no way endorse this presentation
NOT A GUEST AREA!!! This is the Karpa Inc. headquarters located in beautiful middle of nowhere
Divisions of Karpa Inc independently owned and operated
The other division of Karpa Inc (or other half of the room)
The name of the smile... Number One
The infamous origin of the famous smile
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