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Welcome to my braindump page. Currently this is as good as it gets. I will be posting some things I think are cool. If you like them you are welcome to use them. For feedback use the contact info. Enjoy...

04 Sep 2015   The Naskov USA clan now resides in Bitola, Macedonia...
30 Nov 2014   Joe's baptism... (video coming soon)...
31 Oct 2013   Malachi Naskov joins the Naskov family... (you aren't seeing double) the start part deux...
Apr 09 2013   Josif Pavle Naskov joins the Naskov family...the start...
Apr 15 2008   Tax Day Tea Party in Rutherfordton, NC details here...
July 13 2008   Aleks' baptism... video available here...
May 18 2008   He who is called by God, doesn't wait for phillosphical parents... read on here for more...
Feb 08 2008   Nattie and the Soup Kitchen made it in the paper!!! More info here or here, once the online article is not longer available.
Jan 21 2008  Another sad day (click here for memories of the previous one) at the Naskov household :( Larry the Guinea Pig [click for picture], passed on to greaner cardboard boxes today... He left Nattie, Aleks, Samson and Pinky Peaches (the other guinea pig) in mourning for the remainder of the day... As before, in lieu of flowers, please donate to the "Chwokeet for Brudder" [click here for details] fund... Some memorable quotes from today's private service:
  • "..can I have a hampster now?" (Nattie)
  • "...he was a good guinea pig, we will miss him?" (Aleks)
  • " I still get to keep both food bowls?" (Pinky Peaches the surviving pig)
  • "we had a guinea pig?!?!?" (Samson the (slow) dog)
Click here to see some pictures from the funeral service. Raegan (Nattie's and Aleks' cousin) was visting us this weekend, so she provided comfort and consolation to the grieving friends and family... by being cute the entire time she was staying with us... it worked...
Larry was promply replaced by Valentine... we don't waste time around here...
Jan 19 2008   Adam and I went to a car show this weekend... here are some of the pics...
Jan 17 2008   The first snow at the NC house, see the pics here. It only lasted for 2 days, but we all had fun...
Jan 08 2008  Yet another big day for us... baby Addison Helle (Nattie & Aleks' second (as in a row, not in distance) cousin), Raegan's baby sisten, came into the world today... click here for a picture and details...
Jan 03 2008   Our family started working at a soup kitchen this year. This page here has some details. We are going to be preparing and serving food for over 300 people once a week, every Thursday. Here are some pics from our first day there... more to follow I am sure.
Jan 02 2008   Our New Year Karaoke Party - words can not explain, so check the pictures for the full scope... And here is the introduction video we made to relax everyone.
Dec 28 2007   Another Christmas has passed, and this one a particularly enjoyable one. Great time was had by all, friends and family both. This year has been a long one while passing by very quickly. Our family has gone trough soooo much, the internet is just not large enough to hold the story. Pictures of our Christmas celebrations, and my parent's visit this year, are online soon here.
Dec 17 2007   Nattie and Aleks' Christmas piano recital, Aleks' first one click here for the video... (pay attention to the subtitles)
Dec 07 2007   A small earthquake hit our area today... Here are some pics related to it... nothign exciting really, just a loud boom in the morning, around 6am.... Nattie woke up, my parents heard it too, Aleks and Jen didn't even budge... 9 miles south-west from our house, magnitude 3.1
Nov 25 2007   Nattie's baptism. Pictures to come (maybe)
Oct 16 2007   Does God cut telephone cables?... read on for the answer... (hint: it rhymes with 'fes')
Jun 4 2007   Jen and I in Bangkok, Thailand... A GREAT trip I must say... See some pictures of the places we visited here...
March 19 2007   A family trip to Vermont... and I mean a WHOLE family trip... pics here...
July 4 2006   We moved (again) to North Carolina. Rutherfordton, NC that is... Some pics of the new place... NC house pics...
March 18 2006   Brother is 4 today!!!! Click here to see pictures of his present... pictures here
October 26 2005   Hurricane Wilma just passed over us... I MEAN OVER US!!!.. Like the windows were shaking and stuff... Well as I am writing this, we are still without fuel and electricity just returned few hours ago... There were over 7 mil people without electrcity for 3 days, and now there still are over 5 mil. For pictures click here
October 08 2005   Well I am all alone... Jen and the kids are in Albuquerque (who in the world invented that spelling) at the Hot Air Balloon Festival... I really REALLY wanted to go, but Jen said "NO!!! This is just time for me and the kids!", so here I am at work, on Saturday.... What can I say, cut off from my family... it's not right I tell you... oh well...
August 16 2005   Another big day for us... baby Raegan Helle (Nattie & Aleks' first cousin) came into the world today... click here for a picture and details...
August 15 2005   Naskov Academy of Higher Home Education - Inaugural Skul jeer beguns - pictures here...
You know, there are 3 kinds of people in the world: ones that click on the above link, and the ones that don't (this is just a sample of home schooling arithmetic in action!!!)
August 14 2005   A sad day at the Naskov household :( A beloved non-human member of our family, Mopsy the Guinea Pig [click for picture], passed on to greaner cages today... He left Nattie and Larry (the other pig) [click for picture] in mourning for the remainder of the day... In lieu of flowers, please donate to the "Chwokeet for Brudder" [click here for details] fund... Some memorable quotes from the private service:
  • "..can I have a bunny now?" (Nattie)
  • "...Mopsy died because he had hickups?" (Aleks)
  • " I still get to keep both food bowls?" (Larry the surviving pig)
July 28 2005   Brother at SeaWorld Orlando pictures here
-   Nattie was in Boston at the same time pictures coming soon
May 29 2005   New pics of Nattie and Aleks pictures here
April 21 2005   CITIZENSHIP DAY!!!! pictures here
April 10 2005   Finaly moved the page to the new site and updated a bunch of links... checkout this
March 20 2005   Aleks' 3rd birthday party... Pictures HERE
March 11 2005   The WPCC Men's Group Bible Study Page is HERE. The small group we are a part of 'Monday Night Live' MNL.
December 31 2004   The 2004 Christmas/NewYear Tsunami perspective
December 18 2004   pre-Christmas 2004 pictures
December 10 2004   Some new pictures from the new house and a trip to the local fair.
February 19 2003   A new picture of Aleks is now available on the Pictures page.
March 18 2002   IT'S A BOY!!!

Lazar Aleksandar Naskov joined our family at 7:25 am on March 18th 2002. We are excited and grateful for being blessed with such a gift. Pictures

March 11 2002   I want to make sure that the following is clear: The Bunnies experiments links are solely dedicated to a certain goofball in Seattle... you know who you are...
Feb 28 2002   Put some pics of our new home... We are excited!!!
July 17 2001   The site is back up after a period of 2-3 week downtime because of "issues" at It is now resolved so I thank OneStop for their explainations and resolution.
April 17 2001   Setup a new layout and added info about the Ricoh G-1200s
July 17 2000   Purchased and setup the initial pages.

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