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Nattie's Salvation

Q: Would God cut down a major tel-co cable to use a workahollic in the salvation of His(and his) child?
A: Yes.

Q: Would God fix the same cable after He is done with His work?
A: Yes. Read on...

Oct 15 2007
  • 08:00pm - At bed time Nattie told me that she wanted to talk to Jen and me so that she can tell us that she wants to accept Jesus in her heart. I told her we would talk in the morning as it was late. She said as I was leaving the room "Tato, I want to become a christian".
  • 11:50pm - I checked email from work and no problems. Internet connection was working.
Oct 16 2007
  • 06:00am - People at work were working with one of our airlines to setup live booking connectivity. This work had been scheduled over 2 weeks ago. I expected to be contacted in the morning for help due to problems.
  • 07:30am - I got up to check email and the DSL was down. I called Bellsouth they told me that there was a reginal major cable cut, and it would take till wednesday night (17 Oct) to fix. So we had no phone service and thus no DSL. We had cell phones.
  • 07:34am - People from work sent me an email about a serious problem that was holding the airline from going live with the new feature, I didn't get it as I had no phone/internet/email access.
  • 08:31am - I called work to tell them I would be without internet connection for over a day. They told me about the problem; we came up with a solution in 10 seconds and I was off the phone.
  • 08:45am - As I couldn't work without DSL, Jen and I sat down with Nattie and talked for about an hour about what the following means: salvation, repentance, sin, depravity, heaven, hell, works, grace, preseverance of the saints, end times, and more.
  • 09:30am - Nattie prayed to tell God that she wants Jesus to live in her heart, if it be his will :). We prayed together.
  • 09:35am - Nattie got up off the chair and came to hug Jen and me. While we were hugging, after being done with our talk, our home phone rang... the one that was supposed to be not working for the next day or more... I checked the phone, it had dial tone. I checked the DSL it was working.
  • 10:04am - The airline notified us that the problem we needed to work on, was no longer an issue, so the time I would have spent in the morning fixing it, was not needed at all. The airline is now live with the new feature.

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