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Please, do not click away from this page!!! Look at this child's eyes
and ask your self:

"Self, do I really need to pay that electric bill this month?
Do I need electricity more than this child needs chocolate?"

I think the answer for most of us is "NO!!! I don't need electricity that bad!!! Tell me where I can send my minimum donation of 9999.99 USD? I don't want to be a part of the problem!!! I WANT to be a part of the solution!!!!"

You have come to the right place... Thank you for your time and concern, however this child really does not need any more chwokeet... Actually he has already had about as much as a human can have in an entire lifetime... So thanks again, but you can probably go ahead and continune browsing for other stuff on the web... nothing really to see here... sorry to take up your time... really... didn't really mean to make a big deal out of this it kind of just happened... It really is your fault you know... why in the world would you expect to find something half serious on a site named I mean honestly... Have you ever met a Naskov... heh, if you had you would have closed your browser faster than you can type ""... so run along now... come on... go go go!!!...

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